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By Darren8

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Any tips on growing Primula Everlast would be appreciated.
It's a mid height type with pale yellow flowers growing in a rosette, so similar to other types?



Are you growing from seed or plants?

25 Aug, 2018


If its plants, it doesn't need anything special, just the usual requirements for Primula.

25 Aug, 2018


Thanks, it's plants. I've dug over a patch in sheltered, dappled shade to plant a nice drift. Expecting some attention from slugs but fingers crossed!
Bit of a newbie when it comes to 'planned' growing of flowers 😄

25 Aug, 2018


We were all newbies once, don't worry about it...

25 Aug, 2018


Should look lovely Darren - post a pic when they flower!

26 Aug, 2018


Will do Stera & Bamboo. I'm not new to growing stuff, just new to being organised & growing flowers! I've dug a tear shaped area, chucked gravel & crushed egg shells in with some growmore granules. I'll make a finer tilth before planting.
I really appreciate your feedback though!

26 Aug, 2018

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