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Help please. I have been growing this rose bush in the same spot for the past 6 yrs. done the proper pruning, fertilizing exact... and now this!!(really small buds,pedals, and leafs) Never seen this in any on my rose bushes and don’t know what it is or doing. Any ideas?

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Could it be contamination by glyphosate weed killer. See this link.

The other suggestion by the RHS is a virus infection which is known to exist in the USA and Canada.

25 Aug, 2018


It looks like it's coming up from the base below the rootstock? In which case it's just suckering and you're getting the original instead of the grafted variety. In this case just cut it out back to the base.

25 Aug, 2018


Yea, agree, if its point of origin is below the graft, its sucker growth - wrench it off, or cut it as close to its point of origin on the plant as possible. It looks to have more thorns than the rest of the bush, which could easily mean sucker growth.

25 Aug, 2018

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