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Hi, I've just spotted this plant growing out of my skirting board... One thing to mention is that this area is damp. There's a bathtub on the otherside of the wall which we suspect is leaking. I'm a bit alarmed because this looks a bit like a japanese knotweed root, although we dont actually have any in the garden outside. Can anyone help?!




Oh dear! This cannot be good, whatever it is. I think you need a builder, not a gardener.

25 Aug, 2018


Picture doesn't magnify well so I can't be 100%, but do you have Equisetum growing in the garden? Because that's what it resembles ...

25 Aug, 2018


First thing I thought was equisetum. If it is then it's at the spore producing stage by the looks. It will be more susceptible to treatment at that stage. They look like a cross between a mushroom & an asparagus. Most people, understandably, don't like systemic herbicides but this might be a case where it's justified

25 Aug, 2018


I also think its more like an equisetum. either way you need a builder to look at the problem with the wall as the wood must be unsound for anything to grow through it.

25 Aug, 2018

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