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Help! Olive tree browning leaves


By Rox1612

Madrid, Spain Es

Hi! We got an little potted olive tree 2 weeks ago and it was looking great for a few about a week. We have watered it about 2 or 3 times since we got it as the owner of the shop told us to water him 3 times a week (which seemed a little excessive to us). We are keeping him outside on our sunny balcony in Spain.

In the past few days it's leaves have been turning brown / darkening and crisping and falling off… what can we do to help him? We don't know why this has suddenly happened. Everywhere online contradicts itself about it being due to too much watering or not enough watering!

Any help or advice would be great! Thank you!

On plant olive tree

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Well it looks to be bone dry. Give it a thorough soaking now, allowing excess to drain away freely from the bottom of the pot. Then water when the surface of the soil feels just about dry to the touch, and again, water well, with a good 2 litres of water. In such a small pot on a sunny balcony, I'd anticipate watering every day, to be honest. And I have to say, it doesn't really look like a standard olive tree - did it have a label with a name on it? The leaves look too narrow, but perhaps they are curled up where its nearly died of drought, not sure...

25 Aug, 2018


Yes, looks very different to mine...bigger and narrower leaves.

26 Aug, 2018


I have a very small Olive tree in a pot (like a bonsai) and it seems quite natural to lose a leaf or two at this time of year. I keep it outside and water it every other day . . . it is in very well- drained compost by the way.

26 Aug, 2018


Funny you should mention bonsai, Sheilabub - now the photo of the plant on the table has been added, I do wonder if this was sold as a bonsai and intended to be kept that way... either way, it needs more water than its been getting.

26 Aug, 2018


Yes - agreed Bamboo!

26 Aug, 2018


We have to water potted olive trees twice a day, here. In a tiny pot like that, in Madrid, I would expect it to need water at least once a day.

26 Aug, 2018


Thanks so much for all your help everyone! We gave it a good soak yesterday and watered it again today and will definitely water more regularly and keep an eye on it. hopefully it will be okay and will recover well!

27 Aug, 2018

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