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Sorry it's me again!
I have planted a Clematis 'Rebecca' in a large pot.

What is the best way to over-winter it please?




It really needs a much larger pot - it gets 2.5metres in the ground, so would be much better off in a pot that's around 18 inches to 2feet deep and a minimum of 12 inches wide. Were it in such a pot, you could leave it outdoors all winter without any worry, especially where you are. As it is, you can still leave it outdoors, but place it in a sunny sheltered spot, up against a wall - its only vulnerable to freezing through the roots in a terracotta pot, so if its really, really cold (below zero night AND day for a week) you'd need to insulate the pot to protect the roots. Otherwise, in the sort of mostly mild winters we get these days, should be fine.

25 Aug, 2018


Thanks Bamboo, a bigger pot needed straightaway OR would it be better off in the ground?
Clematis seem to come and go in our garden and I am afraid of losing this one.
Many thanks for two lots of help so close together.

26 Aug, 2018


I have it in the ground and I think if you have a spot for it, it would do better in the ground.

26 Aug, 2018


They all do better in the ground, like most plants, then they can achieve their full growth potential - it can be planted during September. It's a rather good red, this one, I must say...

26 Aug, 2018


Thanks to you both. We shall choose a spot carefully and put it in the ground.

26 Aug, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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