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After years of failing to get a garden wisteria to flower I succumbed to buying an Amethyst Falls in a pot which has flowered beautifully this year and has a few new flowers opening now. However my question is what to do to train it. The plant is twined around a framework in its large pot. There is plenty of new growth which I have cut back as per RHS instructions but its looking very bushy with longer growth flopping over.



If you're growing it in a pot, its usual to train it as a standard - these stand up on their own, more or less, but require training to get it to that stage. The RHS has guidance on growing in pots here - you'll need to scroll down to the right section

26 Aug, 2018


Mine is twisted around a fan shaped framework about 2ft high. The older stems are woody now and will not untwist. When it drops its leaves I'll post a photo.

26 Aug, 2018


Hope you don't mind me asking, Barbarak but where did you buy your Amethyst Falls? I've tried a number of times to grow wisteria with no luck after years and years of trying.

28 Aug, 2018


Hi Vickii99. I bought this plant, in flower, at a local nursery near Guisborough but have seen them advertised on internet. Hayloft amongst others. Mine was already trained onto a trellis work.

1 Sep, 2018

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