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HELP !!!
Can anyone tell me if I have just had a major disaster, or is it possible that there is something I can do. A few days ago I had a lovely leafy Gooseberry bush (in its 1st year so no fruits) Today I have a spiky bush without one single leaf thanks to 2/3 very industrious caterpillars. Is there any hope for next year or will I need to start over with a new gooseberry bush. I was told that there are rarely fruits in the 1st year. Any advice will be gratefully received.
Thanks Sellina46



Same bush will be good for next year and the problem is Gooseberry Sawfly. Just Google the above for many organic and inorganic treatments.

26 Aug, 2018


your bush will be fine next year unless it is attacked again. follow the advice re Gooseberry sawfly

26 Aug, 2018


The wild gooseberry bushes along our lane are defoliated like that every year and always produce fruit without any human intervention.

26 Aug, 2018


I put in a gooseberry 'Captivator' this year having failed with a previous try so I'd be interested in how you get on?
Mine hasn't done brilliantly either this year, some reddish discolouration & damage of the leaves which I put down to a new plant in a ridiculously hot Summer.
I may need to do a bit more research on the ideal position re: shade & soil type so if I find anything informative I'll add them

26 Aug, 2018


I had sawfly this year too - first time for ages. I was told recently that the little darlings overwinter as grubs in the soil under the bushes so might try putting some black plastic round the bush next summer so they can't get out - might work!
Keep a sharp look out too for the newly hatched caterpillars - catch them at the right time and there will be a ot of tinies alltogether and you can just take off the leaves they are on.

Darren try putting sulphate of potash round your bush in February when you do the pruning.

26 Aug, 2018


My two oldest gooseberry bushes got defoliated every year and it never seemed to inhibit their crop the following year.

26 Aug, 2018


Potash & moderate pruning, got it. Thanks!

26 Aug, 2018


My daughter had exactly the same problem about a month ago. More leaves and tiny gooseberries have appeared since - only to disappear again thanks to the sawfly.

27 Aug, 2018

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