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Too late to plant up an alpine trough? Have been dithering whether to plant up a new alpine trough this late in the year or wait until spring? I can keep it sheltered from rain and wind in a cold frame over the winter but still not sure whether to wait for spring? I have got some of the plants but not all as have not been able to find them locally. Any recommended alpine on-line plant growers would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch! ;)




It is not too late to plant it up but there are points to consider. Plants that you put in now will be nicely established by next spring but, if you don't have all the plants to hand, adding extra ones at a later date is likely to disturb the trough. The trough may be nice and light now (empty) but when filled with moist compost and stones will probably be rather heavy for lifting in and out of a frame. It shouldn't need any extra protection anyway. Any planting you do now should be well enough established to get through the winter. Just keep the trough raised up off the floor so that water can easily drain out.

27 Aug, 2018


Thanks Bulbaholic.

27 Aug, 2018


Using broken up polystyrene packaging can be useful to replace drainage crocks & make planters much lighter. Pretty sure it's a neutral ingredient

27 Aug, 2018


Darren that's a good idea. I was going to cover drainage hole with old crocks, could scatter some polysterene then a layer of gravel before filling with compost.

28 Aug, 2018

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