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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi been a while but i have a question for you nice people.Ok i planted a number of seeds from a short holiday i had in thailand last year, i knew one for sure was a rambatan as i had eaten some lol however when i potted the seeds i should have labeled the pots ,but forgot ...
Ok so please see pictures as i would like to identify..any ideas ?i mean i could be growing a weed but i dont know.Thanks for your help.
btw my transplanted fig trees from 2 years ago are now thriving with a few figs for the first time.

Spoke to my friend in Thailand he said it looks like his potato plants so my curiosity got the better of me and i emptied the pot it was in see below.And guess what 2 potatos in the pot .

Thai_pot1 Thai_pot2 Imgp0008



Only a guess but it looks like something from the potato family (ā€ˇSolanaceae) so perhaps Brugmansia, Angels Trumpet.

28 Aug, 2018


Difficult to tell from the pics but does it have the 'feel' of a climber or a slender tree that's not getting tropical light levels?
Might be a relative of those blue potato plants from S. America?
You'll know better than me quite a few solanums are really poisonous!

28 Aug, 2018


Not a Brugmansia, not with those compound leaves , but probably a member of the Solanaceae.

29 Aug, 2018


I think that you will have to wait until it flowers to get an exact identification.

29 Aug, 2018


Thanks for your swift replies and suggestions.It does feel like some sort of climber to me .
Ime going to bring it in first sign of frost and keep in the house annex over winter.(away from the grandkids just in case)
Hopefully at some stage it will flower,if it does i will post back.
Thanks again.

29 Aug, 2018


I don't want to be prissy & I wish you well in growing stuff but as someone who has had to deal with massive infestations of Japanese Knotweed. I'm not entirely happy with you bringing in non-native seed & growing it without even knowing what it is.
If you really want to grow exotics you can easily buy them online from reputable suppliers?

29 Aug, 2018


Hi i take your point re bringing in seeds from abroad and i understand the great problems with japanese knotweed and other invasive species. I would say two things in my defence firstly i have no intention of planting in the garden,just to grow contained as a houseplant to see what i have and once identified destroyed or kept as a house plant.The seeds i were given were a small mix of veg, fruit and flowers from a relative who lives in Thailand and has a smallholding.

30 Aug, 2018

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