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Ageratum. For information.
i recently knocked a large lump off an ageratum while mowing. I brought it indoors and put it in a vase with some other flowers and to my surprise it promptly sprouted roots. 3 weeks ago I took more cuttings and they have all rooted in water as well, so that's a few bedding plants for next year as long as I can overwinter them in the conservatory. Just a tip if you bought a tray of ageratum this year!



Thanks! I'm just getting the flowers bug but being short of space & funds something that beautiful that grows in pots and is easy to reproduce is perfect.
What do you think are the best colours? Are some higher maintenance than others?

30 Aug, 2018


Well, mine are 'blue mink' but there is a rather attractive darker blue and also pink and white, which I have never grown. I have grown the taller ones rather than the dwarf but I should think you'd be able to take cuttings from any of them. I find them very low maintenance. I just hadn't realized you could take cuttings from annuals, and with bedding plants becoming more and more expensive I am so pleased to have found this out by accident. Of course, I have to get them through the winter yet!

31 Aug, 2018

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