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By Namtar

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a good crop of Jalapeno peppers this year. Will these plants be good for next year or do I have to get new ones. They're in pots in a greenhouse.



They will be good for several years to come. They are hot weather plants and its only the cold weather that does them in. Notice how well they do in this ridiculous heatwave. You can pot them up or move them in the green house around end of September and they should continue to produce for you.

30 Aug, 2018


I grew mine on a sunny windowsill & they produced chillies right through Winter. Nice gritty, free-draining soil, regular watering & a very occasional feed with tomato feed. Growing indoors or in a greenhouse keeping the soil moist helps deter red spider mite which can decimate them if unchecked, so if you see any fine threads of web...
I really like them as houseplants, this weekend's project is putting a couple of shelves across the bedroom window to overwinter my new collection of seasoning peppers.
Something that will reflect light back onto the plants is a good idea too, Mylar or white sheets of plastic are best

30 Aug, 2018


I made chilli stuffed red bell peppers last night with melted sharp cheddar cheese. Such a treat and a good dinner.

30 Aug, 2018


Thanks a lot for the response.

3 Sep, 2018

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