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I have lots of small apples on my allotment what is the best way to cook these, do I need to peel and core them as there wouldn't be much left after.



You don’t have to peel and core them if they are cookng apples. You can cook them up and then pass the pulp through a sieve to remove skin and seeds. If they are desert apples it will be harder as they don’t collapse down to a pulp when cooked. But you could just core them and leave the skin on if you like the skin. I sometimes do this. Have a think about what you want to do with them in the end...are you going to make crumbles, pies, or just eat them as apple sauce or on top of yoghurt. This might affect how you decide to cook them. Or you might want to make chutney with them, or even crab apple jelly if they are very sour. Good luck!

31 Aug, 2018


When you say small apples, are these, perhaps, crab apples? If so, making crab apple jelly is the only option I found when I looked for what to do with the loads of crab apples in the hedgerows this year.

I hate seeing free food go to waste but after starting with about 3kg of apples and ending with five small pots of jelly I won't repeat the process next year.

1 Sep, 2018


We juice the small apples. No need to peel or core them when putting them through a juicer.

1 Sep, 2018


Good point owdboggy. And you can freeze the juice too!

1 Sep, 2018


You can bake the whole small apples. Just remove the stalk and put them in a slow cooker on high for 2 hours. That reduces them to a pulp. You can then spend a few happy hours scooping out the pips.

2 Sep, 2018

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