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How to revive yucca

I have a yucca tree that was doing well until a few months ago when the taller trunk started yellowing and dying. I kept trimming/pulling back the yellow leaves until, well, there were none left. The shorter trunk is doing really well.

My question is, is there any chance the taller one will come back to life? Is there anything I can do for it?




I'm no expert on yucca but plants are all similar?
I think you made a mistake in stripping it of leaves? But then I don't know where it's growing. If there's secondary branches that's a good sign? If it's indoors have you seen any light webs on it? That'd be an infestation of red spider mite

1 Sep, 2018


I reckon that's a gonner!

1 Sep, 2018


I'd cut the old stem down to just above the new foliage on the shorter trunk.
if the bottom part of the stem you have cut out feels firm then cut off any softer/rotting/dead top stem and plant the bottom part into a compost and it may root and send out new shoots.

1 Sep, 2018

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