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My back garden is to be excavated for building and soil pipe renovation. I am about to lose a large well established blackcurrant bush of a scottish variety. Can I excavate it, split it, and pot up the splits in an effort to save and propogate it?



Any advice, alternative suggestions, including how to protect any split cuttings from infection, will be most gratefully received. Look forward to hearing from you by email. Thanks!

31 Aug, 2010


Blackcurrant is a shrub/bush, cannot be split - but you can take hardwood cuttings September/October. Google hardwood cuttings for how to do it.

31 Aug, 2010


Thanks very much! One of the branches of this bush has layered, so I will lift and pot it and will also take hardwood cuttings as soon as the branches of the bush are bare of leaves. your reply has been very helpful!

31 Aug, 2010

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