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Plant ID please.....for years I have found this plant growing among my Monarda and no where else. I have always removed them thinking them weeds in competition with my hummer attractor. This year I missed about four of them and they went into flower this week. A beautiful yellow color and they are currently attracting every pollinator in the area. Can you give me an ID? I am located in the eastern mid Atlantic region of the USA.

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I think its one of the Solidago varieties, common name Golden Rod.

3 Sep, 2018


RIGHT ON BAM! I have seen this plant in field and meadows yet seeing it bloom in my garden for the first time I was at a total loss. It must be producing much honey to attract so many pollinators. From now on I will intentionally leave a few to go to flower. It is quite attractive and a great end of growing season treat to say “thank you” to all of my hard working pollinators.

3 Sep, 2018


There are various bred varieties of this plant - this might just be the one that grows wild.

3 Sep, 2018


Well it is a native of North America. I would suggest that you dead head it once the flowers have finished, they can become terrible seed weeds in the garden. We started off with one plant and now there are a lot more and I pull out lots of babies each year. Too idle to dead head is my reason.

3 Sep, 2018


Thanks Owd....then when the flowers are spent it will be,”off with their heads.”

3 Sep, 2018


I grow Golden Rod at the back of my pond, its bright & cheerful but it does spread so I have to dig some out before it gets out of control :o))

5 Sep, 2018

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