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By Patfran

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Am I right in thinking this is the work of a hungry fox?




Or badgers.

4 Sep, 2018


I'm thinking squirrels after the corn. I've had them prematurely deadhead sunflowers for me & then drag off what must be more than their body weight.
They're pretty OCD little beggars but often eat veggies more because they're thirsty. Provide some water & if you're happy with regular visits some cheap bird peanuts as an alternative food source. Badgers & hedgehogs also love peanuts

4 Sep, 2018


Thanks but I haven't seen badgers or evidence of them unless they also dig little holes in the lawn, maybe they do. I have a very wildlife friendly garden so have water, nuts and seed readily available but no other sign of squirrels which is why I thought it might be foxes as I have seen one in the street once or twice. I live fairly near the Country Park in Melton.

11 Sep, 2018

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