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Can anyone tell me what kind of bugs these are on my hydrangea tree? They seem to be eating the flowers and also mating. I would appreciate any information or help in how to get rid of these things. Thanks in advance from Northern Ky.

Img_3474.jpg_bug_2 Img_9224.jpg_bug_3 Img_7359.jpg_tree_1



It looks like a Flower Longhorn Beetle, but it might be close kin. You might want to check with your local Cooperative Extension for more info.

5 Sep, 2018


Tugbrethil, Thank you so much. I’ve tried to google this bug but had no luck. As of today I realized they are in other parts of my yard now. I never thought to check with Cooperative Extension, hopefully they can help.
Thanks again.

6 Sep, 2018


You're welcome!

6 Sep, 2018

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