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What to do with an agapanthus plant

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What to do with agapanthus plants.
I've just been given an agapanthus plant, which has been cut off a larger one.
What should I do with it now? Should I put it in sand in the potting shed and leave it there overwinter? I think it's to put it in the garden this year?




Hi, do you know which species you have, there are about 10 species, some fully hardy, some only half hardy, I would expect it to be a hardy species, if the plant it's been taken from is planted outside in the garden, in which case I would plant it straight into the garden, a s a p, to get it more established before winter, Derek.

12 Sep, 2018


or pot up in a good compost [I use a mixture of John Innes no 3 and non peat based compost.] and keep it well watered and leave in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. when you have a suitable place to plant it plant it out.

12 Sep, 2018


Many thanks

13 Sep, 2018

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