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Viola plugs

Hi all, this morning I have just received 40 plug viola. Have bought mature, garden ready ones before of viola but never plugs. After soaking, plan to pot up today to grow on but was wondering where would be the best place to do this. I do have an unheated greenhouse but unfortunately that is still full with (giant lol) tomato plants that even as i type are trying to escape lol. Only place left in there is the floor in the middle and would be worried about slugs getting them there. Would they be ok outside in sheltered spot, bring them in if a frost is due before planting out. Thank you for any help.



yes pot them on and have them outside in a spot that isn't too windy. watch for them drying out and water accordingly. you probably wont get frosts just yet but if they are forecast them yes bring them into the greenhouse and then put them out the next day. they should be big enough to plant out in permanent place in about 4 weeks.

13 Sep, 2018


Thank you Seaburngirl. Will keep an eye on them.

13 Sep, 2018


I agree, violas & pansies are cool/cold weather plants. Sometimes I see them poking up through the snow. They should be fine outdoors at least until end of October. Don't worry too much about the sun - it's not as strong that time of year. No space? Can you do hanging pots?

13 Sep, 2018


Thanks Bathgate, I've got plenty of places to plant them once they have grown on, it just greenhouse too full to grow them on from plug plants. 😀

14 Sep, 2018


Oh, I see. I don't even have a green house. I just use a table near a south facing bedroom window. That's where I start up all my plants.

14 Sep, 2018


Am I right Bathgate that greenhouses not such a big thing in USA? Mine's not heated so tend to use for storage during winter. Was worried house or conservatory would be too hot for winter viola but in Feb and March I start off seeds in conservatory.

14 Sep, 2018


Maybe buy a cold frame Jen? That would be perfect . . .

16 Sep, 2018


Thanks Sheilabub. I plan to get a cold frame but it's one of those things lve had to add to my long list :-(. Have promised Tim that won't spend anymore money on the garden for a while and do more in doing up the house now. Next job is spare bedroom. Got to rip up carpet, rip out wardrobes and probably all plaster as it is blown. :-(.

18 Sep, 2018


I don't know too many houses with green houses. Some of the estates out in the Hamptons have green houses, but many have been converted to entertainment rooms/tea houses/party houses, something like that.

18 Sep, 2018

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