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Oh yes an 'Oleander!!!' Try as I might I could not remember the name. If it's the sun they love then that's why my neighbours has been so fab this year what with our lovely hot summer



at least you have it id now. it helps if you put your comment in the empty box under the last persons comment. that way we see your response and if we answered you we see it in our news section :o)

14 Sep, 2018


Hi, this has had a name change, it's now called Nerium oleander, most nerium are frost tender, but may survive a temperature of 32f for short periods, Nerium oleander 'little red' is hardy to 10f, they should be grown in a fertile, moist but well drained soil, in full sun, they're pruning group 9, although they will withstand a severe pruning if necessary, if it's any other cultivar then they should be overwintered in a greenhouse kept at about 45f, Derek.

14 Sep, 2018

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