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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Weeds in lawns....asking for a friend please can any one identify the weeds growing in her lawn and a plan to eradicate them?



Looks like clover so a broad-leaf weedkiller should get rid of it. Mind, there is not much grass there so it will be pretty bald afterwards,

16 Sep, 2018


If this isn't too large a lawn, perhaps think about a total weed killer and start with completely new lawn. Turf or seed, this is a good time to renew.

16 Sep, 2018


Doesn't look to be a huge area? If it's just a small patch you could cover it with cardboard, weight it down & then remove, aerate the soil & re-seed in Spring.
Worth considering it's much better for bees than grass though!

16 Sep, 2018


certainly one of the clover family. has it had flowers and if so what colour. there is a small yellow one called black medic leaves about 5mm in length.

16 Sep, 2018

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