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can you id this plant, the fruit as I will call it is the size of a golf ball and is covered with very sharp points the leaves are rough in texture with serrated edges, prior to the fruit appearing there were trumpet shaped white flowers

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Datura stram etc. Thorn apple.

16 Sep, 2018


Wear gloves, it's poisonous! Known in the US as jimsonweed

16 Sep, 2018


It is only really poisonous if you eat the fruit. Just handling it is not a problwm for most people. I just pull it out and bin it, no gloves and I am still alive(just!).

16 Sep, 2018


Ah, thanks Boggy, I remember it featured in an episode of CSI☺

16 Sep, 2018


It did indeed. When used as Jimson weed it is an hallucinatory drug.

16 Sep, 2018


Owdboggy! Is that the voice of experience?!

16 Sep, 2018


No, that was what happened in the episode of CSI. The boys who took it died of heat exhaustion running away from the visions (if I remember it properly)

16 Sep, 2018


I was joking. Though the more you deny it the more suspicious I'm getting☺ Are you sure you've never pumped techno music into your garden & danced the boggy dance in your pants?

16 Sep, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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