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Am I correct to think this bush/tree is wild blueberry




Looks like Aronia, Chokeberry to me. As you are from the U.S. then Bathgate or Tug might know better.

16 Sep, 2018


DO NOT eat them until you have a positive id that they are safe to eat.
Blueberry is a small woody subshrub [Vaccinium] [well the ones in my neighbours garden is,] and the berries have a bluish bloom on the surface with the remains of the sepals at the bottom of the berry so this isn't that.

16 Sep, 2018


Definitely not blueberry. I was going to say Birdcherry then checked your location so don't know if you have them or not.

16 Sep, 2018


Not like my Aronia either...but there are several kinds.

16 Sep, 2018


But it does look like my Aronia.

17 Sep, 2018

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