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Dahlia seeds/tubers

hi all hope you had a lovely show this past summer,
my enquiry is about dahlia seeds, i planted some dahlia seeds, brought them on pricked them out and had enough for 5 lovely troughs full, ive just dicided they are past there best and in the process of dumping them i have come accross some things that resemble small potatoes, now are these dahlia bulbs?.
can i use next year or are they something else altogether,
ive never done dahlia seeds before and am facinated to know if i can reuse these tubers/bulbs, as always any help or information is gratefully and graciously recieved




Although you grew them from seed, once they become plants and grow on, they start to form tubers - these may be small initially, but will get larger year on year, if you keep them going that long. That's likely what your 'potato' objects are - assuming they're obviously part of the dahlia roots.

17 Sep, 2018


yes bamboo they were part of the roots, thats great to know, how do i keep them over winter, i still have 4 more troughs to clear, so do i leave them where they are or lift them and store,

i find it fascinating to discover new things

17 Sep, 2018


You need to overwinter them somewhere frost free - you can either leave them in their pots and put them in a greenhouse or somewhere that's relatively dry and doesn't get too cold in winter, or decant them, leave them on their sides to dry out on newspaper or something. Then knock off the topgrowth and put them in a box or container full of dry material, such as sand, or spent compost. Then you need to start them back into growth in early March by potting up in new soil and watering - keeping them somewhere with good daylight and a little warmth, but not outdoors, ready to put back outside in late May.

17 Sep, 2018


thats magnificent,
thats all the information i need .
thank you so much for all your advice it really is appreciated


18 Sep, 2018

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