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By Iawnski

Denbighshire, Wales Wal

hi everyone glad to have found this site,may I ask a question or 2, ok oxeye daisys I have from seed ,do I neeed to plant out in garden for the winter and will they survive,, also sweet William plants from seed do I leave them out aswell in garden over winter will they survive any help here be great thanks



Welcome to GoY - couple of questions for you I'm afraid (you can answer by clicking in the box underneath this one, it'll open up and let you type in it). When did you start the seeds and how big are the plants currently? Are they already in individual pots?

19 Sep, 2018


I can tell you this: OxEye Daisy is one tough plant. It's a common wildflower here in New York. That's saying something. Yes, you should plant it out because it needs vernalization (winter dormancy) in order to survive - otherwise it will run out of gas. If you have them in pots, be careful not to let the pots freeze solid.

I don't know too much about Sweet William, but aren't they in the dianthus family? I had carnations for a few years, then they disappeared. Apparently, they don't like me, or they are short lived perennials.

19 Sep, 2018


Yes Bathgate, Dianthus barbatus. It is an evergreen biennial but can be a short lived Perennial. Deadheading spent flowers will keep it flowering but if you leave some of the blooms to die off they will self seed.

19 Sep, 2018

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