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By Darren8

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Avocado Pit in Water




Is the fuzzy stuff under the seed mould or early signs of roots?

21 Sep, 2018


Mold, but I've had them grow a fair amount of mold before the roots come out. Don't despair!

22 Sep, 2018


It's mold. Do a water change and turn to your old friend Hydrogen Peroxide.

22 Sep, 2018


Thanks, I might get some more avocados & start again. This pit came from an avocado that was kept at a surprisingly low temperature in the shop

22 Sep, 2018


Good experiment Bg! Squirted some in & I could see the mould disappearing

22 Sep, 2018


Mould has completely gone now!

22 Sep, 2018

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