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Veronica gentianoides planted in June, but no sign of any growth or even a flower bud . . . any ideas of what the problem might be? (Unfortunately I can't remember where I bought it . . . :(



These don’t flower till the spring so they’ve probably died right back.

22 Sep, 2018


I think that's what happened Sheila. It probably bloomed back in April/May. I have Veronica, Royal Candles and it bloomed about that time. But I gave it a 'haircut' and it bloomed again, then I gave it another 'haircut' and it bloomed yet again. It's in bloom right now in fact. Also, I just threw some of the clippings on the ground back in May. Many of those clippings have now sprouted roots and turned into new plants.

'The earliest to flower is the pale-blue Veronica gentianoides between May and June.'

22 Sep, 2018


Thanks to Arbuthnot and Paul. They haven’t died - there are plenty of green leaves, but they just haven’t done a thing since being put in the ground. I guess I’ll just leave them be and hope for flowers next Spring.

22 Sep, 2018


I'm pretty sure this is what I have and it sends up bluebell height shoots of pale blue flowers in spring. Took ages before I discovered what it was. Much daintier than Royal Candles and similar ones.

22 Sep, 2018

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