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By Bigbang

Hi I have small strelitzia Nicola that dose not look fine some leaves curl inside and it does not have new leaves . I do not know whats the problems and what should I do .


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The first thing is to keep it in full sun until the temperatures get below 50°F. I started mine from seed, and after 2 years in the largest pot I had, it out grew it and had to go into the ground (I live in a warm place). You don't give a general idea of where you live, but these get huge - close to 30', and once they go into the ground, you will need a tree remove service to move it. They are in the same family as bananas, and it took 11 years before the first flower was produced at 10' up. Today I use a telephoto lens to photograph it.

23 Sep, 2018



I did not get my question , by the way if its helpful Im leaving in Iran my windows direction are south-west


23 Sep, 2018


It may be that you are killing it with kindness? Hold back on watering until the soil is quite dry & don't feed it for a while, until it looks like it needs it...

23 Sep, 2018


Since Iran grows a lot of bananas, treat it exactly the way you would one of those. My soil does dry out frequently with no problems.

23 Sep, 2018


thank you so much .

24 Sep, 2018


There is quite a lot of climate variation in Iran, just as there is my home State of Arizona. If you live in one of the colder areas of Iran, Bigbang, I would bring it out in the summer, so it can get brighter light, but still leave it in partial shade, if the days get above 38º C, and bring it in before serious frost. Inside, you will probably only need to water it about once every 2-3 weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity. I would keep it within a meter of a window, to give it adequate light. Right now, it looks like yours is a bit thrashed around, and it is in need of more light, and possibly a little less water.

25 Sep, 2018

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