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By Jjulio

Johannesburg, South Africa Za

Can you identify this plant?

What_plant_is_this_1_ Avens_geum_



I think it's a Geum

23 Sep, 2018


I'm thinking a mallow of some sort, but I'll have to look it up.

24 Sep, 2018


Have a look at Sphaeralcea.

24 Sep, 2018


I thought of Sphaeralcea--especially S. coccinea--first, but I hoped otherwise, since that would be terribly invasive in Africa. I haven't found any better candidates, though.

24 Sep, 2018


It was the leaf which threw me a little. Could well be a Pelargonium, S.A. is the home of them. Also the petals are not as wide spreading as in Sphaeralcea, or at least the one I know.

24 Sep, 2018

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