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Hi, I have a few Crocosmia, all are doing well with the exception of a red 'Mistral' & orange 'Sunshine'. These two are the oldest plants and have been divided but since then they and a lack of flowers has been an issue. The clumps are about ten yrs old. Do I dig up & burn or replant deeper. Could you offer any advice please.



dig up in late spring and keep the top corms from each 'string'. then plant about 2" deep and 6" apart . perhaps a good handful of slow release fertilizer mixed in would help too.

welcome to goy too. :o)

25 Sep, 2018


Not disagreeing, but we were always advised not to split up the long string of corms. Wonder if that has changed now.

25 Sep, 2018


I will have to do an investigation on that Owd and see if it makes any difference. I suspect it makes no difference as they are sold 'dry' as a single corm aren't they? I have never got corms that have been broken off the 'string' to grow. have you?

25 Sep, 2018


The habit of growth is to make a new corm on top of the string each year. The lower ones are exhausted so that is probably why they do not grow.

25 Sep, 2018


yes that is what I surmise too. I guess the older ones finally rot away and add nutrients back to the soil.

26 Sep, 2018


Re the lack of flowers: I would suspect lack of sun first, and lack of nutrients, especially potash or phosphate, second.

26 Sep, 2018

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