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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

We planted a hedge with English native plants in the spring and it is getting choked with weeds. If I use Roundup between the plants and brush it on will it harm the hedge. I will not use the sprayer as the mist might touch the hedge. It is 120 yards long so I need a simple solution to my problem.



Hi, sorry I've just noticed that you haven't had any answers yet, roundup contains glyphosate which is a CONTACT weedkiller, and is neutralized when it comes onto contact with the soil, so as long as you don't get any on the actual hedge, it wont be harmed, but it's going to be a long slow process at that length of hedge, to paint it on, if they're annual weeds you could just hoe them off, and if you just haave the odd perennial weed, dig them out as you go, Derek.

9 Oct, 2018

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