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Mushroom I D

Please can anybody identify this mushroom which I found in the garden today ?

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Could be a Shaggy Parasol mushroom.

28 Sep, 2018


Pity its gone a bit past it. They make wonderful soup.
(Though I believe they upset some people. ) The smooth ones are better though! If you get another give it a go, only show us a pic first to be on the safe side...They are the only British ones that look like that.

28 Sep, 2018


Just be 100% certain you know exactly which mushroom this is. The many 'imposters' out there can lead to dire consequences.

29 Sep, 2018


You really need a new specimen. (This one is really too old to eat anyway) .There are several similar lepoitas A useful identifying check for the Parasols is that they both have a double moveable ring which you can actually slide up and down the stem, and they both have that marked brown "tabby" pattern on the cap with a plain brown round disc at the top, as yours has... The shaggy one has shaggier scales and does upset some people. Happily we are not among them!
Of the other half dozen or so Lepiotas one is inedible and the rest are rare. Once you have seen a good specimen you would not mistake it for anything else but its always wise to check with an expert before venturing!
Have a look on line for Lepiota procera and Lepiota rhacodes.

29 Sep, 2018


Thank you all for your replies

1 Oct, 2018

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