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I bought a Gerbera about a month ago and it hasn't stopped flowering yet. I'd hate to lose it during the winter but my conservatory gets very cold. I don't think it would like the central heating in the house either. Can anyone suggest how to overwinter it?



the important question is: is it one of the new hardy hybrids or one of the tender ones?

This is from the RHS site and suggests that in a cold greenhouse/conservatory as long it is frost free and the plant on the dry side it will be fine.

Cultivation notes

Gerbera jamesonii
◾Gerberas need cool well-ventilated conditions with good light, in a cool or at least frost-free greenhouse
◾A sunny windowsill in the house and a temperature of 10-20°C (50-68°F) in the growing season is ideal
◾During the summer months when the plants are in vigorous growth water them freely and apply a general purpose liquid feed, such as tomato fertiliser at two week intervals. Provide a little shade from the hottest sun. Keep a close watch for whitefly, often a troublesome pest on gerberas
◾In winter keep the compost on the dry side, particularly where growing in unheated conditions
◾Gerbera will thrive in rich gritty and well-drained compost. In containers, which suit dwarf strains, use a John Innes No 2 potting compost with some extra grit or peat-free multipurpose compost
◾To grow gerbera in a greenhouse border, work in some extra grit and organic matter (peat, coir, leafmould or well-rotted manure). Gerberas are deep-rooting and the stronger strains are best grown in a deep bed, in a greenhouse or conservatory border or a bed constructed on greenhouse staging, using preservative-treated timber
◾Given a minimum winter night temperature of not below 10°-20°C/50°-70°F, gerberas will flower all year round. In frost-free greenhouses (minimum temperature 5°C/41°F) they may flower in summer only, from May to October in the UK. As perennials, flowering is moderate in the first year following planting, then freely in subsequent years

29 Sep, 2018


You can also harvest seeds from your plants and start new plants. Here is a website which outlines the steps:

29 Sep, 2018


Thank you both. You’ve certainly educated me on their care, Seaburn. I don’t know what variety mine is though as I bought it from Aldi and it didn’t have a label. I knew what it was and fell for the bright yellow daisies.

Anyway, I shall let it overwinter in the cold conservatory with the geraniums. We do have a heater but only bother to switch it on when the weather is very cold. I’ve read we’re having a very cold winter this year but I hope it doesn’t involve ice and snow or I shall be almost housebound. I’m terrified of falling on ice and because I’m scared I’m more likely to do so. Good thing I have plenty of books to read!

1 Oct, 2018


I agree about the ice aspect of winter. and I know what you mean, if you are tense you are more likely to fall and hurt yourself.
As for the gerbera care all I did was copy and paste the info from the rhs website.
My conservatory is jusy kept frost free and my cyclamen do really well in there.

1 Oct, 2018


This is why I clear all the snow & ice off my walkways & driveway as soon as the storm passes. I'll even get out there at 3 in the morning just to clear the snow & ice I spread "ice melt" on the paths to clear any ice patches...and always wear a good pair of snow boots. They prevent ankle sprains.

2 Oct, 2018

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