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Clematis cuttings. Last week I took a number of clematis and rose cuttings from my brother's garden as his house is about to be sold. Some of the clematis are in a seed tray and some in a pot At the moment these are outside under plastic domes but should I bring them them in and place them on the sill of my enclosed but unheated, single glazed back porch and still keep them covered? Will the rose cuttings, also in pots, be ok left outside?



I'd put them all in the porch out of direct sunlight & if it gets warm in the daytime because it's South facing or whatever you might need to stop the temperature fluctuating too much by letting some fresh air in. & watching out for white mould on the soil surface

6 Oct, 2018


Thanks Darren. Should i keep the plastic domes over them as well? Should I bring the rose cuttings in too?

7 Oct, 2018

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