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By Evied

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does any one have experience of the Paper Bush? Can't remember Latin Latin think begins with an E. It has yellow flowers or bracks on bare wood in spring which smell lovely I'm told. Just wondered as quite tempted to buy one to keep in large pot on patio. Would it be suitable or better planted out? How long does it flower for? Or is it a short lived attractive plant that does nothing else all year? Any info gratefully received on this horrible cold rainy day in Oxfordshire. Thanks!



The only shrub that I can think of which fits your description is Witch Hazel, Hamamelis. Now I've just looked in my encyclopaedia & found Paper Bush,
Edgeworthia papyfera. Says it is a slightly tender deciduous shrub with fragrant little yellow flowers in Feb or March.
Can be grown outdoors in milder counties or near the sea
Hope this is a bit of help. I'm sure it will only flower for the time specified. Don't know if the foliage is attractive or not.

6 Oct, 2018


Paper bush is a common name for Edgeworthia chrysanthea, a small to medium sized deciduous shrub with (sometimes) scented flowers on bare wood in later winter. Hardy down to -5degC, needs a sheltered position - when its not in flower, its just a shrub with small pointed leaves.

I think Seaburngirl grows this... or did do.

6 Oct, 2018


I have three planted on the west side of my home in full sun in Georgia red clay (zone 7b). They have done better than I ever expected. The leaves are a nice blue green from spring until late fall and are similar in appearance to Rhododendron leaves but less stiff. The flowers (yellow-white)are displayed on bare branches in winter when nothing else by Lenten Roses are in bloom and are scented similar to gardenia.

24 Oct, 2018

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