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By Balcony

Cambs, United Kingdom Gb

There is a hanging plant with bright yellow flowers in a hanging basket on the balcony.I think this is it's 4th year with me but I'm no nearer identifying it, could somebody help, please?

Unknown_hanging_plant_flowering_on_balcony_seen_from_the_inside_30th_june_2018 Trailing_plant_with_yellow_flowers_in_wicker_basket_on_balcony_27th_june_2018 Trailing_plant_with_yellow_flowers_in_wicker_hanging_basket_on_balcony_16th_june_2018



Trailing Lysimachia

7 Oct, 2018


Lysimachia nummularia

7 Oct, 2018


Agree - a thug in the ground!

7 Oct, 2018


good ground cover if you don't mind having to dig it out for ever, after it had done its job for 3 yrs. I used it to help keep the weeds off in a shady damp border. There are some areas where it still comes back every year but is relatively easy to keep under control.
it is good in hanging baskets but it can seed into the surrounding areas.

7 Oct, 2018


I'm very fond of this ground cover perennial, it's common name....Creeping Jenny. I've had it in my garden for years and glows beautifully in a shady spot. Great to grow hanging over edges and walls too....

7 Oct, 2018


Thank you all three for solving my mystery! All summer I've been meaning to ask but never got around to it until now!

My plant has been in the same basket, in the same position for about 4 years I think. It has outlived a double fuchsia that was in the basket when my brother gave me it - though at the time he didn't know it! I don't remember now why he gave me the basket & I doubt very much he will remember either! It has also outlived the trailing begonias I put in the basket as well. I've never seen it flower before this year- perhaps being in the basket alone now & having no other competition has spurred it to grow better & produce flowers.

As I have had tomatoes in growbags beneath it I haven't seen any seedlings from it - yet!

7 Oct, 2018


Actually it is not a thug in my garden. I have been trying to get it to grow for years but it remains small and weedy.
Maybe I'll put it in a hanging basket like you Balcony :)

7 Oct, 2018


I think it likes heavy clay soil - that's the type of soil where I've had trouble with it, but I still like it anyway, useful in shady spots

7 Oct, 2018


My garden soil is loamy Bamboo. The friend who gave it to me has clay and it is rampant in that garden.

7 Oct, 2018


Ah, well, yea, it doesn't like your lovely soil Hywel!

7 Oct, 2018



8 Oct, 2018


We are on clay and it thrives here, doesn't like to dry out, but spreads rapidly where it likes to live. This one look like the golden one, also comes with green leaves. Great for damp spots as ground cover, busy spreading in my path at the moment!

9 Oct, 2018

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