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What is this plant and can I prune it back?


Beautiful Context



Phygelius capensis or cape fuchsia. I guess you could prune it if it's in the way - it's a herbaceous perennial. I find it dies back anyway. Lovely plants - one of my favourites.

31 Aug, 2010


Thank you? It is beautiful I love the colour. It seems to love the back garden I have 3 of them but one isgetting over 6 foot. The picture above is taken with melooking up at it from underneath (I'm 5ft 8). The branches are looking leggy so thought it could do with a hard prune later in the year to fill it out?

31 Aug, 2010


I'd prune it in spring when it's starting to grow again It may get cut back by cold weather. I was going to say you must have had a milder winter than most of us for it to get to that size, then I looked at where you live. You must have a fertile soil to get that much growth. Mine are still knee high to a bee in comparison!

31 Aug, 2010


They are all in the most sheltered part ofthe garden protected by hedges- that may explain it?

Thanks for the help - I'll not touch them until next year.

31 Aug, 2010


And mine are a bit exposed to east winds. And north winds...

31 Aug, 2010


oh and the tallest one in the photo is next to the 2 big compost bins so heat and nutrients galore!

31 Aug, 2010


You've got one lucky plant!
My hunt for my first phygelius gave rise to a family expression -
"It's like a Fuchsia, but different" :-)

31 Aug, 2010


lol - i like it

31 Aug, 2010


lovely plant

1 Sep, 2010


Thought I'd add a photo to show the context of the 1st photo. As you can see it is about 6-7 ft tall. Looking the plant up in thebooksit never mentions it gets that high! It is growing through the holly.

2 Sep, 2010


Jeepers! That's why it's so tall. We used to have a Fuchsia magellanica that did that. The stems were really long and fragile but it was all drawn up and supported by the holly tree.

2 Sep, 2010

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