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By Hank

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My bay tree is not looking it’s usual self these days, time to put it in a bigger pot or better still in the garden ?
I moved it from it’s usual place so I could show the problem better.




I would definitely get it out of the tiny pot and into the garden so it can grow like a proper tree - set it free. Do not trim the roots. Those pots are a death sentence as far as I'm concerned. They're OK when the tree is small, but they cannot support the demands as the tree matures. That would also affect the quality of the bay leaves you get from it.

9 Oct, 2018


certainly needs to be in a larger pot or in the ground. The plant will shed the odd yellow leaf regularly. if you have never add fertilizer to the compost then the plant is lacking in nutrients.

So if you decide to repot, add slow release granules to the compost. If you are putting it in the ground dig the soil well so that the roots could grow out into the soil. Add compost too to improve the soil conditions and slow release fertilizer granules.

9 Oct, 2018


Probably does need a bigger pot or putting in the ground, but, in regard to planting in the ground, unless you have a very large garden, I wouldn't recommend it. These trees grow very densely, with the crown making a solid, dark mass which drops leaves year round, and preventing anything much from growing beneath them. I've had a couple of gardens with these planted in the ground, and frankly, they're a pain in the proverbial - never did I go there at any time and not have to collect up loads of fallen leaves because they shed leaves all year, and the dark, heavy crown, excluding all light, was a more depressing sight on a dull day in a small garden than anything else I can think of. Just sayin'....

If you're intending to rigorously keep it pruned to this shape, including removing any growth off the roots, then it won't be too bad, but it will get bigger, inevitably and you'll need a ladder to keep it shaped.

9 Oct, 2018


Thanks very much all, I thought that was the problem, but I only moved it into this pot 2 years ago. Will do something about it tomorrow.

9 Oct, 2018


I have tiny bay plants coming up from the roots of the tree, can I somehow rescue ther to start new plants ?

9 Oct, 2018


Theyre not separate plants, they're just new shoots or growth off the roots, common when they're a bit stressed. Your standard wants to be a bush... You'd have to cut off some root material with one of the shoots to start a new plant,and that will likely compromise the plant.

9 Oct, 2018


Thanks B, how little I know,

9 Oct, 2018


You must be having a laugh, Hank - you know more about growing veggies than I ever will... we can't always know everything, can we...

9 Oct, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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