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I have dug up my Gladioli for wintering, each one has approx' 15 plus minicorms thereon, what and how should I use these minicorms. What fungicide should I use to overwinter the parent corms. I have a number of lidded polystyrene boxes, will they be alright to store corms in.



I would leave the cormlets around the parent bulb unless you want to grow them on . if you do repot in 3/5s in a small pot. I usually let the corms dry for a day or two then lightly brush the soil off. I put them in a box [fat balls came in them] of dry sawdust and leave them in the frost free shed.
if they have much foliage then cut that off and stand upside down for any sap to drain out.

10 Oct, 2018


Probably best not to use a lidded plastic lidded box just in case there is moisture . It might encourage mould

10 Oct, 2018

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