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How can I make a feature of a large flat tree stump in a corner of the gardene



Depends how artistic you are.
Level 1 - grow trailing plants over it
Level 2 - balance pots on it
Level 3 - create a scene with plaster rabbits etc, plasticine people, potted plants, bird house etc to amuse the kid in anyone
Level 4 - take a saw / chisel / drill to it and carve it up into a work of art - or more interesting shape anyway.

1 Sep, 2010


Place an obelisk/arch/frame around it and plant climbers ?

1 Sep, 2010


Use it as a plinth for a piece of statuary.

1 Sep, 2010


or a bird bath..

1 Sep, 2010


get a man in to carve it into something .

2 Sep, 2010

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