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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Beryl has bought a pack of Ranunculus corms so now I have to plant them. Any advice please.
I know which way up they go, but what temperature do they need, when do I plant them, how deep etc.
There is no information on the packet.
Thank you.



if you want them to flower early then in 9cm pots 1 per pot about 2" deep. Kept just damp and frost free.
Then they can go in the garden after flowering.
Or you can plant them where you want them to flower in mid-late spring, in the ground or in tubs. Same depth etc.

I find they are sort lived in my garden, pretty when in flower though.

14 Oct, 2018


Thank you.

14 Oct, 2018


If you wait until spring, soak them for 24 hrs. before planting - that should give them a good start. And as Seaburngirl says, they tend to be short lived.

15 Oct, 2018


Thank you. I'll plant them now but will remember about soaking them if I ever buy then in the future :)

15 Oct, 2018

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