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By Erik

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi gardeners it's cleanup time again and I find that I have something self seeding itself all over the place in my garden it's in my Lilly pots and dotted round my shale everywhere ,it's a puzzle to me so if there's anybody out there that can help it would be much appreciated ,thanks in anticipation , Erik

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Myosotis, or Forget me Nots - now you know why they have that common name! Just pull out any you don't want, or move them somewhere you do want them,. they're easy to remove.

16 Oct, 2018


Thanks for that bamboo you've just filled an empty corner for me much appreciated .

16 Oct, 2018


yes it is forget-me-nots. I grew them from seed 15 yrs ago and am still weeding out some even now.

16 Oct, 2018


These self seeding forgetmenots are so useful for filling in gaps in pots and in the border and such a cheerful splash of blue among the yellows of spring. I always grow them with wallflowers and tulips just as a favourite uncle used to do every year and I'm still transported back to his garden wherever I see the combination. Forgetmenots are really easy to pull up if they appear where you don't want them but I leave them wherever I can and pull them up when they are over.

17 Oct, 2018


I couldnt agree more Pennyfarthing - a welcome sight in spring, all that blue as opposed to the yellows...

17 Oct, 2018


Forget-me-not flower spreads easily, freely self-seeding for more of the wildflower to grow and bloom in shady spots where the tiny seeds may fall. Forget-me-not flower care is minimal, as with most native wildflowers. Forget-me-not plants grow best in a damp, shady area, but can adapt to full sun.

Forget-me-not flower care will likely include removing these plants from unwanted spaces. While the forget-me-not flower is attractive in many designs, the free seeding specimen may take over areas where other plants are planned. Use the forget-me-not plant in areas that are too wet to support the root system of other flowers. Growing forget-me-nots will include watering those planted in drier areas.

For more information on gardening and native plants, go to:

Susan Farrar

18 Oct, 2018

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