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By Sirwolf

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know what this plant is please, it is infesting my lawn and I don't know how to get rid of it, it starts of as low growing leaves and eventually the flowers shown appear. I admit they are quite picturesque, but I would dearly like to get rid of them. Any advice would be appreciated.

Dsc00082 Dsc00084 Dsc00083



It's hawkweed - grows in places with sandy soil, and in neglected, under maintained lawns. Treatment with Resolva lawn weedkiller in spring next year will hopefully get rid of it, but it may return, so combine the lawn weedkiller with some lawn maintenance such as aeration, scarification and regular fertilisation during the growing season.

17 Oct, 2018


And if you can get rid of it, come back and tell us. We have been killing it off for 20 odd years now.

17 Oct, 2018


Orange Hawkweed, otherwise as per Bamboo. A pretty plant but can be invasive. You can grow them in a border if you keep tight control.

17 Oct, 2018


Thanks to all for the information and advice, it looks like being a long campaign to get rid of it.

17 Oct, 2018


Also known as ''Fox and Cubs''. Fascinating plant and I have to admit that someone gave me a couple of these in a pot but I quickly got rid of when I realised just what it was.

17 Oct, 2018


I have them in my garden but I keep them as I think they are pretty, such a lovely orange flower :o)) I just keep them under control, I took a lovely pic of them once, they looked lovely :o)) I just take the flower head off before it goes to seed, ones in the lawn I zap with weed gel :o))

17 Oct, 2018


Its very prone to blackfly - wonder if it would keep the off the broad beans...(wrong timeof year though)

17 Oct, 2018


Just to say thanks for the other 3 comments, so far I have started the campaign using resolver and will continue with Weedol in the spring.

22 Oct, 2018


Just to update the helpful members who advised me on how to get rid of Orange hawkweed. I sprayed it with Resolver Lawn control and also used 'Roundup' on some of it, on the basis that it poisons the plant down to it's roots. As Hawkweed is a plant that spreads by root as well as seed, I reckoned that the poison might spread through the root system. The downside is that 'Roundup' is very expensive. I also reseeded parts of the lawn after raking out any diseased Hawkweed.

The lawn is now looking a lot better, but much work remains to be done and I think it will be a year or two more before I eliminate all of the Hawkweed, indeed it may prove to be a perennial problem. Thanks again for all the advice.

23 Apr, 2019

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