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By Schofie

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have 6 acanthus spinosa plants in my garden. They were all planted at the same time (autumn 2017) Four are in shade for most of the day and two start in shade and are then in full sun all day. None of the plants flowered this summer and they vary in size enormously! The largest is probably the most shaded, the smallest in sun most of the day. (photos are of smallest & largest plants) Any suggestions as to what can I do to make them flower next year?

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I found mine took 3 years to flower. and were much bigger than the ones you have at present. Just be patient and in spring you can give them a light feed with a slow release granule type feed.
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18 Oct, 2018


Thank you, I guess I need to be more patient! I will definitely try feeding them in spring.

20 Oct, 2018


Mine also took years to flower. I think it was the fourth year but now they are tall and beautiful every year.

22 Oct, 2018

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