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I have just planted four containers for onion sets and they have now all been dug up by a fox. I salvaged most of the onions and have replanted. Some of them had started growing. Will they grow now or am I wasting my time replanting?
Also, does anyone know the best way to deter foxes without harming them?



I've been dumping my vacuum cleaner fluff into my beds and that works for me. I have all kinds of critters out there.

18 Oct, 2018


Thanks Bathgate, I'll certainly give this a try as products I've been looking at online get very mixed reviews. I know they get startled by noise so I was also thinking of stringing up some milk bottle tops or the like which might put them off.

18 Oct, 2018


From what I understand, the scent of humans & predators repel them. Works even better if you have a dog/cat.

18 Oct, 2018


You might try firmly fixing a cap of chicken wire over the containers.

18 Oct, 2018


Thanks again Bathgate and now Steragram. I have read that human urine deters them! I am wondering about some perfume. I have for the moment put a mesh shelf over them for the moment but am trying to figure out a way of stabilising it.

18 Oct, 2018


With chicken wire youcan fold it down over the sides of the containers

21 Oct, 2018

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