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My first question!

I have some young plants taken from cuttings - they have been out all summer but are still young and in small pots - how should I over winter them? Do you think they are strong enough to be left out (I live in north London and could put them on a fairly sheltered patio, or leave them on the patio but maybe covered with something)?




Welcome to Growsonyou.
Best to let us know what the cutting are of first :o)) then someone can advise you also pics of your plants would help too. x

23 Oct, 2018


welcome to GoY from me too.
yes we need to know which plants you have. If they are in small pots [depends on what you mean by small - 9cm diam are what I class a small] they run the risk of root death if you get any hard frosts. Can you keep them in an unheated room/conservatory/shed? if they are not evergreens they will drop their leaves and go dormant anyway.

23 Oct, 2018

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