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I have a half standard miniature rose which has a lot of flowering yellow heads on it, it has all plopped down, I was wondering if I should prune it or just prop the stems up until the flower heads have died off also how far do I prune it to the main stem.
The pic is before it drooped plus pic of the Pink one too.
All the plants were from Lidi too & the pot :o))

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I know, I know but we just have to face it; the season is winding down. Winter is coming and the signs are here. I would put the half open stems in a vase for an indoor display. They should open fully for you and be good for a few days. I don't see anything 'wrong' with the plant per se. It's just the chilly nights and fading sunlight.

23 Oct, 2018


as it is a standard don't prune all the stems right back to the main stem. they are usually grafted onto a different rose. Paul's suggestion of putting the others into a vase is what I would do. when the rose drops its leaves it will be fine. in the spring prune this years flowering stems back to 2 healthy buds the topmost one being outward facing.

hope that makes sense.

23 Oct, 2018


I have put some supports in now to tie the drooping stems up so looks ok now, I will prune in the spring as you suggested Seaburngirl :o))
Thank You Both for coming back to me on your suggestions xx
Jackie :o))

24 Oct, 2018

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