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Have lost instructions for botanico 2kw greenhouse heater. Can anyone tell do you have to set frostguard or does it come in automatically. Hope someone can enlighten me.



a previous questioner asked this a few years back and the reply that was given was

"Says 3 settings on top right hand 'heat select switch' when looking at the front of the heater - first one blows cold air, 2nd one is 1kw and 3rd is 2kw setting.

Thermostat on top left hand side is just turn until you get the heat you want - I wanted the frost guard but no instructions for that. I will just set it on minimum thermostat and 1kw setting and hope that does the job."

This is a pdf to download with the instructions if it helps.

31 Oct, 2018


We have a similar heater in our glassed in front porch. I just set the thermostat to 5 degrees and it works fine.

31 Oct, 2018


Thank you very much for your help Seaburngirl. I did see that earlier question but it left me unsure as to whether the frost guard came on automatically. The pdf will be extremely useful. I appreciate your help.
Kind regards

31 Oct, 2018


Hi, welcome to GoY, I have never had this particular heater, but if it has separate settings for the 1 and 2 kw, I would set the temperature you require, but on the 2kw setting, as the 1kw might not be powerful enough if it gets too cold for it, I use a 6kw propane gas heater in my greenhouse, and set the thermostat at 45f, it just means that it comes on and goes off a bit more frequently than it would if it were say a 3kw heater, because you never know just how cold it's going to get, Derek.

1 Nov, 2018

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