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Blueberry in danger?
When the fruit ripened I put some fleece over it to keep the birds off (I was not well and hadn't the energy to untangle the stored netting)but the sun was too hot and a lot of the leaves were scorched and fell. I guess the new leaves that then grew used up the buds that should have been for Spring. Is it likely that there has been time for new buds to form for next year ?



I am sure it will re-leaf next year. many shrubs have spare buds waiting to develop if something happens to the others. so worry not!

1 Nov, 2018


Hi Sue, I agree with Sbg, it's only like pruning, Derek.

1 Nov, 2018


Thank you friends, you've cheered me up!

1 Nov, 2018


Hi Sue - hope you are feeling better. Yes, I agree with SBG. The blueberry tree has reserve energy stored in the roots - just for this very purpose. Actually all/most plants do. It's their survival strategy, provided you have a healthy tree with nothing attacking the roots. My forsythia was completely scorched in a fire. Yet managed to grow a whole new top. However, your blueberry tree would be doomed if this happened again next year. It needs time to rebuild its reserve energy.

1 Nov, 2018


I remember your poor burnt forsythia - its good to know its made a complete recovery. Thanks for the good wishes - actually sometimes I feel better and sometimes not - I'm getting used to it, lol.

2 Nov, 2018


yeh, lol, you can still see it in my "Question" section.

3 Nov, 2018

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