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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Is this a weed? Tidying up the beds on this lovely autumnnal, sunny day and found quite a few of these. Self-sown, I thought Foxgloves at first, as they spring up everywhere in our garden, but not so sure about these. I could of course just leave them and see what they turn into but if anyone could shed some light would be grateful.

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They look similar to my blue perennial cornflower when they start popping up.

4 Nov, 2018


Ah - you’re spot on! Moved a big patch of them about 6 weeks ago as they were becoming to tall and profuse for the front of the bed. Right - they’re for the chop!! Thanks for that.

4 Nov, 2018


Centaurea montana, Knapweed. Much loved by slugs and snails and a mildew magnet?

4 Nov, 2018


I find the flowers stunning and they attract a raft of pollinators but do tend to fall over so caging them helps to keep the garden tidy.

And they spread like fury.

5 Nov, 2018


I moved the last lot to the back of a large bed around a tree, so will be easier to put a tie round them and keep them reasonably upright. The bees just love them. I tried caging them in the summer and it was a losing battle and looked a bit unsightly. And yes, they obviousy DO spread like fury!

7 Nov, 2018

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